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Date: November 9th, 2010

Newsletter – Fall 2010

I hope everyone is having a good fall. Kids are back to school & with the rainy weather, stitching is a great pass time. I know my schedule, although still busy, is more manageable without the constant interruptions from the kids (and mine are teenagers!!)

We've been busy here, despite the interruptions. We are pleased to announce the addition of 3 artists to the JulieMar line. Florence is a graphic artist who previously did art work featured in many card shops. She is designing fun florals and Christmas pieces, and designs our "words of wisdom." Sally Corey is a needlepoint artist in her own right. She has designed over a dozen canvases, exclusively for our line. They're colorful abstract designs. This year features some geometric designs as well. Finally, Marlene has designed dolls for your children & grandchildren. They're 13 x 17 and can be made into a pillow.

In addition to meeting with my artists to come up with new, beautiful designs, I also spend much of my time needlepointing. I'm now stitching our new canvas TRANSITIONS© – #2010 and preparing a stitch guide. The canvas combines geometric elements with free flowing flowers & has been a challenge. We have a companion piece coming out in January. For those of you who haven't seen us at the show, I present at least one new large piece every year – TAPESTRY GERBERS© – 132855, done primarily in silk ribbons with open stitched background; POPPY BOUQUET© – 132890 in variegated threads; and FLORAL SURPRISE ©– 954 done by appliquéing each flower of ABSTRACT FIVE IN GREENS© - 995 on top. FLORAL SURPRISE is an 8 x 8 canvas and fits perfectly in our custom made ultra suede purses. (Stitch guides available for all three.) Dozens of smaller samples also are displayed at the shows and on line.

We've also launched the LANDSCAPE CLUB this November. I've had great response, so we're going to continue it through next year. The club features 12 small 5 x 5 canvases, 9 of Julie's original landscapes and 3 new ones. All come with stitch guides, as well as a picture of the finished canvas. December's canvas, CHRISTMAS STREAM, is offered exclusively to club members. Those of you who don't celebrate Christmas can substitute either Mountain Sampler – Winter 131050 or Blue Horizon – 131180. Our SALE ITEMS category is also popular. New items will be posted regularly.

Next year brings many new designs. We are featuring fun florals, geometric and abstract designs as well as many Christmas ornaments. We're also adding to our Words of Wisdom. This year's "Young at Heart" is my favorite piece. Ask your retailer for the end of the quote, or check back later for our posting.

Have a great holiday season.

Pat Dee/JulieMar & Friends

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