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About Us

JULIEMAR & FRIENDS introduces its new art by Marcia Steinbock. Marcia holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Boston University and studied painting at the Art Students’ League in New York City. She specializes in water color and pen & ink. She has adapted her Judaic art, as well as her historic homes to needlepoint. Her line can be seen at www.takenotecustomart.com.

JulieMar and Friends is a needlepoint company with fun abstract designs as well as traditional ones. It was started in the 1970s by Julie Thompson, a plein air artist, who specialized in beautiful landscapes and realistic florals. Julie has a unique elegant style that captures the beauty of the setting, whether a mountain scene or ocean view. Her landscapes are simple to stitch and come with fiber & stitch guides.

In 2008, Julie decided to pursue other ventures and PLD Designs purchased the line. Patricia has been stitching designs since she was a child. In 2002, having quit her full time job, Patricia began spending more time at needlepoint shops. Needlepoint had entered a new phase in 35 years – new techniques were used, new fibers and vibrant canvases were offered. Patricia was hooked. When she discovered Julie Thompson was selling JulieMar Needlepoint Company, she decided to pursue a new venture.

Since 2008, the JulieMar line has evolved. Julie Thompson's beautiful florals and landscapes are still prominently featured. Over the last 2 years Julie has offered us new designs. We will continue developing beautiful florals and landscapes in the JulieMar tradition.

Additionally, several new artists have joined the JulieMar line. Florence Schiavo was the first artist to join the JulieMar family. Florence is a pastel artist and carries a line of greeting cards and affordable framed art. Her collection can be seen at www.minervagrace.com. Florence specializes in portraits, and she has created the Elegant Ladies series; beautiful women of an elegant era. Halloween designs - "dress-up", will be featured in 2012. Florence has also contributed to our Christmas collection and paints all of our abstract florals.

Sally Corey joined us next. Sally is a needlepoint artist who began her career as a fabric designer. She comes to JulieMar with fun, abstract designs, perfect for home decor. The designs are in waves and patterns, with bright colors-- perfect for using different fibers and techniques. We now offer over 35 designs by Sally.

In 2013 our group was joined by Kathy M. Lanza, better known to you as KAMALA. Kathy, an artist in her own right since 1977, specializes in custom designs of your pet or animal. The KAMALA line features our Purse Puppies and wildlife ornaments, as well as cute bunnies, chicks and kittens. Kathy has recently added whimsy to her animals for our holiday ornaments. We plan on more pets and ornaments in the upcoming months. You can see Kathy's variety of custom work by linking on www.animalart-bylanza.com and FaceBook: Animal Art by LANZA.

Laurie Ludwin and Katerina Dee also contribute to the line. Laurie designs are perfect for your children and grandchildren, alphabet animals, robots & fun geometric shapes with stitch guides. She has also added to the Halloween collection. Although the number of canvases contributed by both artists to date is small, we're hoping to get more designs in the future.

We are continuing to seek new talent, in new genre. Join us for an adventure in needlepoint.